Come and be sanctified

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1. Come, justified soul, to the cross,
The fullness is waiting for thee;
The will of the Lord is revealed in His Word,
That thou shouldst now sanctified be.
* Refrain:
Come, seek it today,
No longer delay,
Before Him in humbleness bow;
And low at the cross,
Count all things but loss,
Oh, come and be sanctified now.
2. Why harbor a foe in thy breast?
Why have such a battle within?
Oh, come and be blest with a perfect soul-rest—
A rest of full freedom from sin.
3. The veil of the holiest place
Is rent and wide open for thee;
A new living way giveth entrance today
To grace that is boundless and free.
4. The blood of the Savior will cleanse
From all the inherited sin;
Then grace to thy heart will the Spirit impart,
Thus make and keep holy within.

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