Ive Pitched My Tent in Beulah

# A long ago left Egypt for the promised land,
I trusted in my Savior, and to His guiding hand;
He led me out to vict’ry through the great Red Sea,
I sang a song of triumph, and shouted, I am free!

* Refrain:
You need not look for me, down in Egypt’s sand,
For I have pitched my tent far up in Beulah land.

# I followed close beside Him, and the land soon found,
I did not halt or tremble, for Canaan I was bound;
My Guide I fully trusted, and He led me in,
I shouted, Hallelujah! my heart is free from sin.
# I started for the highlands where the fruits abound,
I pitched my tent near Hebron, there grapes of Eshcol found,
With milk and honey flowing, and new wine so free;
I have no love for Egypt, it has no charms for me.
# My heart is so enraptured as I press along,
Each day I find new blessings which fill my heart with song;
I’m ever marching onward to that land on high,
Some day I’ll reach my mansion that’s builded in the sky.