Have You a Welcome?

1. O blessed Jesus, for Thee we are waiting,
Waiting in joy for that glorious morning dawn;
Thou hast a remnant that love Thy appearing;
Welcome Thy coming, dear Lord, for Thine own.
* Refrain:
Have you a welcome down in your bosom,
For Christ to come this very day in final doom?
Yes, hallelujah! come, my Redeemer,
Even this moment, oh, come, Jesus, come.
2. Lo, Thou art coming, the heavens betoken,
Foreboding wonders astonish eye and ear;
Omens now thunder the signs Thou hast spoken,
Truly, O Savior, Thy coming is near.
3. Thrones have arisen and crumbled to ruin,
Since we await Thy returning from above;
Sinners emboldened say, "Where is His coming?"
Truth disbelieving, Thy wrath they must prove.
4. Many ungrateful, despise and reject Thee,
Others professing by works deny Thee more;
But all the ransomed, Thy bride meek and holy,
Joyfully welcome Thy voice at the door.