Hiding in His Mercy

1. God is my keeper, whom shall I fear?
Though burdens press me,
His hands caress me;
With grace to bless me,
Jesus is near.
* Refrain:
In His mercy I will hide,
In His mercy I will hide;
In His pity He redeemed me,
In His mercy I will safely hide.
2. God is my portion; in life’s dark hour
He will uphold me,
Thus He hath told me;
His arms enfold me
With keeping pow’r.
3. God is my comfort, courage and rest,
He’ll not forsake me,
Strong He will make me,
Till He shall take me
Home with the blest.
4. God will be with me, faithful is He;
Friends are betraying,
Fond hopes decaying,
Still He is saying,
“Trust thou in Me.”