Endearing Lord

1. O Christ divine, O God of love,
Thou source of every good;
I’ll live in time and heav’n above,
And serve Thee as I should.
* Refrain:
Endearing Lord! Majestic One!
With radiant glories crowned;
Oh, Thou hast conquered, I have come,
Thy pard’ning grace I’ve found.
2. Sweet peace and love now reign within,
Like rolling rivers flow;
Thus keeping all my life from sin
In this vain world below.
3. My life and breath are in Thy hand,
My joys and all I know;
I live and breathe at Thy command—
Then shall I leave Thee? No.
4. Lord, if I had ten thousand lives,
I’d give them all to Thee;
Thy matchless goodness surely proves
Thy wondrous love to me.
5. Majestic Christ! O dearest Friend!
Thou princely One so pure;
Let men and angel voices blend,
Thy royal name adore.