Everlasting Joy

1. Can the spirit of a mortal
Live beyond the reach of trouble?
Knowing not a painful struggle,
Ever joyful in the Lord?
* Refrain:
Glory to my Savior’s name!
Walking on His holy plane
Nothing can my peace disturb,
Free and happy as a bird,
Singing joyful praise evermore.
2. He who is our great salvation,
And our high and strong munition
Is to us a full fruition
Of His peace and endless joy.
3. I no trouble and no sorrow
See today, nor will I borrow
Gloomy visions for the morrow;
In my Jesus all is bright.
4. To my soul all grace is given,
And all gloom afar is driven,
Walking in the light of heaven,
All is everlasting peace.
5. Jesus bids be joyful ever;
He Himself, the wondrous Giver,
Flows within a constant river,
And my spirit must rejoice.