Farewell to Sin

1. I will part with thee, old master;
This is my firm resolve;
And I’ll boldly state my reason,
Why we must now dissolve.
* Refrain:
The wages of sin is death,
The wages of sin is death,
The wages of sin is death, and woe,
And bitter remorse; I’ve found it so;
Bitter, bitter,
Bitter remorse and woe.
2. I have served thee long and faithful,
Confessed you were my lord;
All your way was dark and painful,
And what is my reward?
3. I have given time and talents,
My health and honor, too,
And exposed my soul to torments,
And what did you bestow?
4. You have flattered me, and promised
Much pleasure in your reign;
I have sowed and reaped your harvest,
Now what my wretched gain?
5. While beneath your doleful bondage,
How oft your father came,
Saying, "There is here no passage
Out from your dark domain."
6. But the blood of my Redeemer
Has saved me through and through,
So, in Jesus’ name, forever
I bid all sin adieu.