From Babel to Zion

1. Now to the holy city
The faithful gather home;
To Zion’s mount of glory
With songs of joy they come.
Jerusalem the golden,
Jerusalem the free,
With joyful hearts and voices
The ransomed come to thee.
2. Now eye to eye beholding
The way-marks on the road,
All bound in love together,
They’re coming home to God:
One mind and mouth possessing,
They speak with one accord,
And in the heights of Zion
They shout and praise the Lord.
3. Sing glory to the Savior,
High over all the world;
On Zion’s heights forever
His banner is unfurled.
God’s church can be no longer
Obscured from human sight;
For see, on yonder mountain,
A city filled with light!
4. No longer Babel’s bondage
The bride of Christ can hold;
God’s children now are holy,
And free from Babel’s fold:
For it is fallen, fallen,
And it shall rise no more;
We cling alone to Jesus,
As did the saints of yore.