Fully Saved Today

1. I am fully saved today,
All my guilt is washed away,
And the love of God is flooding all my soul;
For His grace abides within,
Since I’ve been redeemed from sin,
And the precious blood of Jesus makes me whole.
* Refrain:
I am fully saved today,
I am in the narrow way;
And no evil can betide,
For I’m walking by my Savior’s side.
2. I am fully saved today,
And I’m in the narrow way,
Walking with my blessed Savior hour by hour;
Though the way seems sometimes drear,
And the hosts of hell appear,
I shall ever conquer by His mighty pow’r.
3. I am fully saved today,
While His word I do obey,
On the promise now by faith I calmly rest;
Not a doubt or fear I know,
While I walk with Him below,
For I’m leaning on my Savior’s loving breast.