Good News to All

1. Dear friends, we have precious tidings of old,
Would you receive greater riches than gold?
Hear it, all people, ye wealthy and poor,
Jesus will give you His peace evermore.
* Refrain:
Good news, good news,
We will sing and proclaim tidings of redeeming love;
Good news, good news,
Full salvation for all, flowing from above.
2. Wonderful grace we declare unto you,
Truly we’ve tested and proved it is true,
How great is salvation! tongue cannot tell,
Saving the soul from the power of hell.
3. Ye infidels that so boldly appear,
Deep in your bosom you’re cankered with fear,
Come now to reason and honest intent,
And God will pardon if ye will repent.
4. Is there a poor sinner present tonight
Whose life is bitter and under a blight?
Should it be liquor or gloomy despair,
Surely our Savior can turn it all fair.