Coming home

1. Coming home all weary, broken-hearted,
I have gladly left the path of wrong;
Oh, I long to join the happy chorus,
Where they’re singing sweet redemption’s song.
* Refrain:
Coming home, coming home,
With the ransomed evermore to be,
Coming home, coming home,
Jesus, Savior, coming home to Thee.
2. Coming home to Father’s arms of mercy,
I am tired of sin’s deceptive way;
I will humbly bow and plead for pardon,
At His blessed feet I’ll weep and pray.
3. Coming home tonight to friends and loved ones,
For their prayers and tears have won my heart;
Long I’ve wandered on in sin and sorrow,
Jesus, save me now, ere hope depart.
4. Coming home to Father’s house repenting,
Coming heavy-laden, sick and sore,
And I know that if I come believing,
Angels wait to meet me at the door.