A sweeter anthem

1. When we pass the golden summer,
And, like autumn leaves, retire
On the bosom of our mother,
Will our song of praise expire?

* Refrain:
Oh, we’ll sing a sweeter anthem,
With unnumbered millions there;
Glory, honor, and salvation,
In our home so bright and fair.

2. If our soul is blest in singing
In this feeble house of clay,
Who can tell the bliss of reigning
In our home of endless day?

3. Is it sweet to hymn the story,
Of salvation here below?
Oh, what anthems filled with glory
From the throne of God shall flow!

4. Do we love our dear Redeemer,
And rejoice that we are His?
We will love and praise Him better
When we see Him as He is.

5. Glory, glory be to Jesus!
Let us shout with joyful praise
To the Rock of our salvation
All this life and endless days.