The Rapture - You NEED To See This


Adaugat de Uploader in Videoclipuri in 24 Jan 2009.


A video I put together about the last approaching days and the scriptures prophecying what will take place.

There are clips not meant to be taken literal. Such as the clip of someone jumping off the WTC buildings following the scripture about those desiring to kill themselves but will not be able to, and. That was used for image purposes. To have a visual aid sorta but by no means did I mean for that to be an example of the scripture itself. It was just to show what it will be like when those times come.
But yah. Please enjoy. Comment all you want.
Tell me how much you love it.
Tell me how youll be glad when God takes all the christians out of the world. Tell me how Im blindly believing in something that couldnt possibly be real. I accept all comments.
But just know, you can say whatever you want, but it still does not prevent the inevitable.

Your words cant make the truth, any less true.

Credits: John Deubey (sp) for the Passion Of The Christ soundtrack. Also lord of the rings.