Sierra - I see


Adaugat de Uploader in Videoclipuri in 19 Sep 2011.


I was moving in the shadows
Lost in my pain
I walked in silent circles
Longing for a place of quiet resolution
A peace from within
Then suddenly You found me
And I found the courage to begin again

I see forgiveness
Without disgrace
I see Your mercy
That loved me through my shame
I was lost in darkness
Alone and in need
But then love sent a light to me
And now I see

I was lost and disillusioned
Searching for faith
To move aside the giant mountain
That was standing in my way
So, I called out Your name
And with my prayer You were there
And I felt the power of the strength You gave

I would be nothing
Without You
Lord, it's Your goodness
That I will be holding on to
Only to You